Thursday, November 8, 2007

USC is back

So we've been in a little bit of a poon slump here lately. Maybe it's because we are a little lazy, but starting today, we are going to have a renewed commitment to bringing the best poon out there. (which means no more Cal or Stanford probably)
since this seems to be "ass week" we start with this USC pooner, showing off her love of the trojans

no words

we know the picture quality sucks, but the poon quality is A+


CMFost said...

mailing it in again blue, your poon site is a bit disappointing

PAC-10 poon said...

Who is this "Blue" you speak of?

You know how you know when you've "made it" in the world?

You have hecklers...yes ladies and gentleman, Pac-10 Poon has arrived.

Anonymous said...

Cumfast is jealous