Friday, September 28, 2007

Reader submissions friday

It's friday again, and Pac-10 poon nation has once again come through with some quality pictures. Somehow, it is always Arizona State that brings the "heat". This photo is courtesy of reader SunDevil520...keep em coming poon lovers.
This picture seems kind of wrong...but it feels so right.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bruin Thursday

We here at PTP have to say thanks to the men and women of with leather for giving us a shout out. Of course the day they did that was one of the crappiest posts in PTP history. So, to make it up to our fans we have a special thursday post.

These ladies prove the fact that UCLA has some poon that is worth drooling over. The challenge has been thrown down to all poon hounds. Find me a better looking group of women, I dare you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Arizona girls are smrt

Here is a picture of a pooner who knows how to get ready for the game. And just in case someone might wonder where her breasts are, she has a sign to help you out.
Since today seems to be wildcat party girl day, here's a bonus picture of a girl who we'd like to invite to our "tailgate" anytime.

she sure does know how to suck one down

Monday, September 24, 2007

A tribute to UCLA

Pac-10 Poon got some email over the weekend. Some lovely ladies at UCLA were feeling left out. They sent in a ton of pictures...some that I can't share with the general public. While these pictures are not "technically" at a game, the pooner assured me that they were "tailgating" at the beach the night before at a "bonfire rally". I like to use quotations. Without further adieu.


Now a lot of people complain that this isn't at the game, but seriously, quit yer bitchin and enjoy the view...and why aren't they at the game yet...well this next picture explains that...

And when I asked these pooners where the picture were of them tailgating, they sent me this one...

The UCLA pooners insist that this is a picture of them tailgating. Either way, I wish I was there. And while our pooners might not be as rabid about football as other poon conferences that will remain nameless. I think that their "tail" is worth gating any day.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Reader submissions

On fridays we here at Pac-10poon are lazy. So we let the readers send in some of their best pictures. This week is ASU sundevil week, because, and i quote "the one you have sucks". We couldn't agree more.

Now, I know that ASU is the #1 school for training strippers in america, so there's always more where this came from.

Beaver Lovers Unite

So I know this picture isn't a recent one. And I know it's not at a tailgate party or at a game. But we've been lazy this week trying to recover from all the ugly ass poon we saw whilst visiting SEC country last weekend. And really, is this picture something to complain about? I don't think so.

Besides OSU loves poon so much they named their mascot the BEAVERS

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

give me some wildcat poon

These ladies are probably going to end up being cougars when they get older, but for now they're wildcats. Arizona football may suck, but at least they have some poon under the sun.

If only the girl with the water would pour some of that onto the poon with the 'zona hat on...then we'd have us a party. She looks like she might need some "hydration therapy".

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Referee Poon

We here at Pac-10 poon like to consider ourselves equal opportunity poonsters. While poon is our first love, football is second, and third is poon. So why not combine football referees with poon....a bad idea you say? Oh that's what you think. This lovely Pac-10 referee hails from the university of Washington. I guess all the rain in seattle does the body good.

I tell you what, she can call me for "holding" any day. How about some necessary poon roughness? As long as she doesn't mind any "illegal use of the hands".

What's that you say? Pac-10 poon is tops amongst all poon sites? Well that's poontastic that you think so. But SECpoon is pretty good too, what does our referee think about them?

We agree. SECpoon makes us want to hurl sometimes too.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Tribute to the Ducks

We here at Pac-10 poon have to give some credit to the lovely ladies of Eugene, Oregon. And by lovely ladies, I mean those pictured below. Any other year it would be a big deal for a team to go into the big house and beat Michigan, but this year, it hardly makes the poon swoon. But, it was the best Pac-10 win of the weekend so, Ducks, we salute you.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sing me a Song

The USC song girls do everything together.

Now this is a 12-pack that goes down smooth. The trojans have a bye week, but I don't think these ladies take any days off. of It doesn't hurt when you're sponsored by a condom company.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

More PACpoon

Much props to Keith for some more PACpoon. ASU chicks can do better than this I know it.

c'mon ladies, I know there some good stuff out there.

PACpoon is underway

The initial post needs more poon, but here's some USC song girl ass.