Friday, December 28, 2007

Stanford Tribute

So we received an email recently from, I guess a stanford student, in regards to the lack of stanford poon. We won't use his name just in case he wants to be president someday but the email is as follows (don't worry there will be pictures at the end):

Love the site, and though I wish you had more Stanford girls up, I can understand why you don't. It's not that Stanford girls are ugly--they really aren't as bad as their rep. They're nothing compared to ASU, etc, in general, but the hottest girls at Stanford are as hot as the hottest girls at any other Pac-10 school. It's a high class dilemma. Here's the issue:

a) Our cheerleaders are gross. Not one fuckable one on the entire squad. They are a disgrace to cheerleaders everywhere, because at the end of the day, no one gives a shit about the routine: they just want to see some hot ass in a skimpy outfit. So you're easiest option for getting Stanford poon up on the site is out of the question.

b) No Stanford girl would volunteer their own pictures, since, as you say, they want to be president, or at least a high powered executive. Not going to happen if you show your tits.

c) Stanford guys are too nice to send anything in. Seriously, it's unnerving how kind they are. I guess that's a good thing in general, but when it comes to sending in pictures of nearly-naked hot chicks, they pussy out.

I know you're strictly pictures right now, but if you ever consider expanding to text, here's the Stanford Daily's sex column, written under a pseudonym. Good for some excerpts. Some stuff sucks, some is awesome. Take the latest piece, for example. Classic

Well then...since none of the girls at Arizona care about being president, here is an Arizona grad.

we realize that Amanda Beard has a playboy photoshoot out there on the web, but trust us, these pictures are better

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Poonmas and all that jazz

So we suck...plain and simple. And if you're still coming here everyday hoping to see poon, well, send us an email and we'll gladly send you a refund check in the mail, or over paypal. In all honesty, our new years resolution will be to bring you more poon. It may not be football related. The ladies may not be wearing school colors. But poon is poon right, and off-season poon is hard to come by. Especially in the frigid reaches of places like Pullman, Washington. So without further discussion, here are some poon pics to keep you warm this Poonmas season.

we didn't even have to photoshop that hat on her, she celebrates Poonmas

nothing like Poonmas in Arizona

To all a merry Poonmas, and to all a good night...or day...or whatever

Monday, December 10, 2007

with apologies

So we had a down week last week. Pac-10 poon had a new addition to the family and thus was out of commission for a few days. Not that Mrs. Pac-10 Poon would have minded us taking some time out from parenting to post some hot poon. We just would be sleeping on the couch for the next few weeks....Anyway, without further adieu, I give you some poon.

sources have confirmed that these pooners enjoy a "footlong" over a bratwurst anyday

who wants to be the meat in the pooner sandwich
we'll forgive these pooners for having a sawks fan with them...she's the ugly one in the picture anyway

FYI, now that football season is winding down, the posts will probably not be as regular, unless people keep sending in great pictures. We'll still try and having something 2-3 times a week, but everyday probably ain't happenin.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Oregon Cheerleaders

So we've been showing a lot of skin this week here on Pac-10 poon. I hope nobody minds. But today we go back to an old staple of ours, the Oregon Duck Cheerpoon. There's not much to say about these, (probably because we're too lazy to think up something witty. Or too busy checking out the UofA pool party to care)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fight On!

Today we have a USC pooner who wanted to show her allegiance to the trojans. It's not clear whether she meant the USC trojans, or the condom company, but either way we don't mind.
here she is giving us her best John David "Booty" impression

obviously, somebody is a "Booty" fan

and there you have it. It's a trojan tribute

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And the winner is....

OK, so we have a winner in the "best photo submission of the year contest". Of course it's a contest that we just made up, so it's not like they beat anybody out. University of Arizona poon wins this award...for now. Maybe somebody else can edge them out. These pictures are of a pool party at UofA, and for some people (maybe most) they are NSFW, so scroll down at your own risk. but they're totally worth it

wet t-shirts and college chicks...gotta love it

who needs a wet to win

as a disclaimer, we're sure that every school has pictures like these, heck even in Idaho, but we haven't seen them, so if you've got them, send them in. Oh, and totally ignore all the dudes in the pictures, but thank them because if it wasn't for guys like these, we wouldn't have these pictures.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Poon videos

So we got a couple of videos passed along to us over the holiday weekend. And since we enjoy watching videos...(cough), we thought we'd share them with everyone. Now there's no nudity, or really much skin in either video hopefully, you'll deem them worthy....This first one is a poon fight between from the UofA and Oregon game, in slo motion...sweet.

the "closed captioning commmentary" on the video is great

this second one is a little different. The title is "Poon family fight on", so you know it must be awesome

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reader sumbitches part 2

here are some more reader submissions, our inbox is now clean....

hot damn, them sundevil pooners are smokin

is that one pooner wearing pants?

so what if we'd rather do the statue of pooner, rather than the UCLA football pooner, who are you to judge us

Reader submissions part 1

So today we thought we'd run through a bunch of reader submissions. It's going to be broken down into two parts because A)we're lazy and 2)that way we have something to do this afterpoon...i mean afternoon. All these pictures were submitted by actual poon lovers just like yourself, so if you want to be famous and have something to brag about to your friends, send us some poon.

here are a couple of UW cheerleaders showing us their best side

some sundevil pooners with nice "teeth"?

how bout some beaver cheerleaders trying to show us her furry little beaver. (can i say that?)

Check back later today for poon part deux

Monday, November 19, 2007

Poon tragedy

In light of the recent tragedy of our normal monday post, we now bring you some more poon.

we now return you to our regularly scheduled programmin

UCLA sorority poon

there has been a poon tragedy. We are now being told that this pooner may or may not be a UCLA student. Nobody seems to know where she goes to college. She is an "internet phenom" supposedly, and pooners like that typically go to Arizona State. The tragedy of all of this is that in recent pictures, she's had those beautiful poon breasts's a sad day for poon

So we haven't had much from UCLA recently. These were sent in by a guy who says he "knows" these pooners. How well he "knows" them was not revealed.

there's at least one pooner that I'd like to get to "know" here

would you like some salt to go with that...motorboat.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Havasu Poon

So lake havasu is only about 3 hours from ASU, and maybe 5 hours from U of A. It's a great place to go and look for poon. Spring break this place is insane....we won't say that any of these ladies are necessarily Pac-10 students/fans, but it would be a crime against poon not to offer up some pictures. Oh and today could also work as trailer trash friday too, but who are we to judge.
so apparently bikini tops are too cumbersome for pooners at lake havasu

who are we to judge the poon?

well, there you have it...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poon would you do?

Today we're going to play a little poon game, and have some poon fun. We're calling it Poon would you do? If you can't figure out the game then you suck anyway, and these pooners wouldn't do you, so it doesn't matter. Leave your answers in the comments section.
some ASU dancers for ya...hell yes, maybe, no, yes

yes, NO, probably, maybe, yes

Some UW sorority girls to finish up with....yes, YES, probably (if I was lonely)

Who are we kidding, there's probably only one true NO in the's like "where's walrus", can you pick which one we wouldn't do?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Poonbrary

So in Tempe there is a bar called "the library". It's our understanding that said bar has some smokin' hot poon. We'll let you be the judge.
dancing on the bar is a Pooner staple

these pooners just wanna have fun

she can "pop my top" anytime she wants.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Poon salute to our Veterans

So today is veteran's day, and we here at Pac-10 Poooooon have some pictures as a tribute to our soldiers. At least something that makes us have the "one-gun" salute.
This UCLA pooner shows off her soldiers

another bruin who enjoys "saving private ryan"

these USC pooners show the veterans some love

what is up with that water bottle? uh-huh.

Friday, November 9, 2007

some of the finer things

So here is some Poon to get you going on a friday. Today we return to the great state of Arizona...enjoy.
first up is some lovely sundevil poon.

these girls prove that with enough alcohol, the arizona pooncats will do just about anything

and last but not least are the sundevil poon black and white to keep it classy.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

USC is back

So we've been in a little bit of a poon slump here lately. Maybe it's because we are a little lazy, but starting today, we are going to have a renewed commitment to bringing the best poon out there. (which means no more Cal or Stanford probably)
since this seems to be "ass week" we start with this USC pooner, showing off her love of the trojans

no words

we know the picture quality sucks, but the poon quality is A+

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cal Poon?

So yesterday was a day in which we got through the entire day and then remembered "oh shit, we didn't post any poon today". Tell you what, you can have the next 3 poon posts for free.
So we've been getting a lot of requests for Cal Berkeley poon. We thought that perhaps the problem was that the Bear pooners didn't exist. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on if these pictures are any good, we have some Cal poon here today. (we know allison stokke is a cal bear, and she's hot, and we have plenty of pictures of her, but we choose not to objectify athletes here, and we're scared of her dad)
it must be ass week here at PtP, we're getting a lot of booty-licious poon pictures

here are some cal pooners dressed to impress...up against each other

I guess this picture is to prove that the previous one was really of Cal pooners? or maybe this is just the 3rd best Cal picture we've got