Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And the winner is....

OK, so we have a winner in the "best photo submission of the year contest". Of course it's a contest that we just made up, so it's not like they beat anybody out. University of Arizona poon wins this award...for now. Maybe somebody else can edge them out. These pictures are of a pool party at UofA, and for some people (maybe most) they are NSFW, so scroll down at your own risk. but they're totally worth it

wet t-shirts and college chicks...gotta love it

who needs a wet to win

as a disclaimer, we're sure that every school has pictures like these, heck even in Idaho, but we haven't seen them, so if you've got them, send them in. Oh, and totally ignore all the dudes in the pictures, but thank them because if it wasn't for guys like these, we wouldn't have these pictures.


Anonymous said...

Standard Apartments represent only the finest in high class entertainment for the 18-23 year old age range. This is largely attributable to the copious quantity (and quality) of the substances native to that region of tucson near the U of A campus. We truly are very proud of our undergrads. -teeps

Stephen said...

does anyone know who that girl is ? those tits are fantastic.

KCSundevil96 said...

So does this explain why au football is so bad?

Where's the Hypnotic and Tui?

eatfreaky said...

Even with all of the dudes in the have a couple chicks into the throw of the moment
having fun, smiling, and showing some wonderful tits. Though the one girl has THUNDER THIGHS! Give her 5 or 6 years...UHH! Go Tempe,
I just looked at the Oregon Ugly DUCKlings cheerleaders. They are wearing football uniforms with pads. I am from the desert. Go get them naked tans ladies!

eatfreaky said...

Sorry Tucson, had Tempe on my mind, Was at ASU, they threw a lousy party there one year!

Jodi MSU said...

Nice taddies.

(even though they're fake)