Friday, November 2, 2007

Reader submissions friday

In honor of the Big Game this weekend between Oregon and ASU, we chose to use our reader submissions of duck and sundevil poon. Check them out.
sundevil poon always starts out hot

it's colder in Eugene than tempe, so more clothes, but she's still hot

the less clothes on the poon, the better, in our opinion

this duck pooner shows that sometimes those jerseys aren't ugly at all

As an added bonus today we have a link to some NSFW pictures that a reader submitted. Supposedly, this girl goes to school in the Pac-10, I guess but the truth is we don't know....but if we had to guess she'd be a Sun Devil. This link is very NSFW, so open if you dare.

1 comment:

brandon said...

What the hell are you wereing take that shit off so may we can meet up and let me cum in your mouth and maybe the rest of the squad with my 13inch cock!