Friday, December 28, 2007

Stanford Tribute

So we received an email recently from, I guess a stanford student, in regards to the lack of stanford poon. We won't use his name just in case he wants to be president someday but the email is as follows (don't worry there will be pictures at the end):

Love the site, and though I wish you had more Stanford girls up, I can understand why you don't. It's not that Stanford girls are ugly--they really aren't as bad as their rep. They're nothing compared to ASU, etc, in general, but the hottest girls at Stanford are as hot as the hottest girls at any other Pac-10 school. It's a high class dilemma. Here's the issue:

a) Our cheerleaders are gross. Not one fuckable one on the entire squad. They are a disgrace to cheerleaders everywhere, because at the end of the day, no one gives a shit about the routine: they just want to see some hot ass in a skimpy outfit. So you're easiest option for getting Stanford poon up on the site is out of the question.

b) No Stanford girl would volunteer their own pictures, since, as you say, they want to be president, or at least a high powered executive. Not going to happen if you show your tits.

c) Stanford guys are too nice to send anything in. Seriously, it's unnerving how kind they are. I guess that's a good thing in general, but when it comes to sending in pictures of nearly-naked hot chicks, they pussy out.

I know you're strictly pictures right now, but if you ever consider expanding to text, here's the Stanford Daily's sex column, written under a pseudonym. Good for some excerpts. Some stuff sucks, some is awesome. Take the latest piece, for example. Classic

Well then...since none of the girls at Arizona care about being president, here is an Arizona grad.

we realize that Amanda Beard has a playboy photoshoot out there on the web, but trust us, these pictures are better

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Anonymous said...

I like the President chicks. That flat brown hair. That square-shaped body. The beginnings of a spare tire.