Monday, October 15, 2007

Time for some Cougars

It's about time that we paid tribute to some Wazzu poon. Pac-10 poon has made plenty of trips to Pullman and knows first hand that there is some magnificent poon on the palouse. (we not only entertain, but we also educate here at PtP)

Now that's a tasty "beverage"

Again...tasty...oh and we ♥ you too hon

I seem to be noticing a drinking trend here...nice...we'd smile for her camera.

Sometimes the backside of the poon is nice too.


Anonymous said...

Where are the nip-slips, or poon-slips?


PAC-10 poon said...

there was a poonslip last week, the stanford tree lady.

If you get poon slips everyday, you'll be spoiled

Anonymous said...

what about pac-10 porn?

See that? Se what I did there? I just changed 1 letter, and now it's completely different.

JFreak said...

nip slips get people like Saban coming after you.

Anonymous said...

what about pac-10 porn?

that just happened.

Anonymous said...

try serena wazzu slut if you want some more hardcore pac-10 porn amateur action. google or dumpstersluts or or whatever.

Anonymous said...

the only school with a hot young milf teacher in porn yeah baby i love serenas ass but they deleted my comment from myprofsucks

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?