Thursday, October 4, 2007

Song Girls part deux

The song girls are so great they need 2 posts to get all the good stuff in. In the previous post I complained about too much clothing on the sidelines....well what about away from the game?

okay, that is better

that is good too

Pac-10 poon likes it when the song girls get wet

They're lyin' on the beach perpetratin' a tan, so that a brother with money could be their man

And the big send off to cheerleader week comes from a Pac-10 Poon reader...thanks and enjoy


Anonymous said...

oh yea!

Whitey said...

Give that photographer a medal for the last one! Perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

i would do her there

Anonymous said...

thats a good girl, show it off

Anonymous said...

even my girl friend said this gets her pussy wet

Anonymous said...

Would love to fuck the last one