Monday, October 1, 2007

Cheerleader Week

We here at pac-10 poon have decided that we will dedicate this first week in October, and every October going forward, to those ladies who let us see up their skirts. We hold cheerleaders near and dear to our hearts because not only do they go out and root on their schools, but they do it in skimpy clothes.

We're starting off with the University of Oregon cheer ducks. These girls were sad because their men lost to Cal...well they can cry on our shoulder. Besides, it's not like we've seen any Cal poon to this point here on the site. The challenge has gone out to students in Berkley.

What about the "flip side" you say?

We'll be posting everyday this week, sometimes twice, so check us out often.


NFL Adam said...

I have long been of the belief that Oregon has the best cheerleaders. Although, the Arizona schools are pretty strong, too.

tem said...

I am looking forward to USC cheerbabes.