Thursday, September 3, 2009


So, we suck. Just so you know, working gets in the way. But as of right now the gauntlet has been thrown down.

I'm sick of other crappy blogs taking on the daunting task of bringing the finest women of the Pac-10 to you.

But...that being said...surfing the web for poon is hard work, and i'm a lazy pervert, so posts will be limited to once or twice a week during football season.

The goal of this, higher quality, better pictures, more aren't even reading this anymore, you already scrolled down to the here you go.

ASU to start off the season is nice. I miss college.

USC represent...this picture is overplayed on the web, but like I said, I'm lazy right now.

And since Oregon kicks off the Pac-10 season today by probably losing to Boise State, here are two more Ducks to give you a taste without the feathers.

And done....don't bitch about it either.


Anonymous said...

so after years off you recycle old pics.

go figure.

Anonymous said...

::standing ovation::

Pac-10 Poon said...

That sounds a lot like bitching anonymous...

you're banned...come back in one week.

T. AKA Ricky Raw said...

First new Pac-10 poon post in a year and we get bitching for the first commment? What, you want him to take a hiatus again?


Dude, you were missed, and we're glad you're back. PAC-10 FOREVER!

noah said...

good to have you back....can't wait for more pics

Anonymous said...

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kyle said...

Nice to see you back!

Anonymous said...

I used to dance with that girl, she's so hot!!

Anonymous said...

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